Hello and thank you for visiting my site. 

I am Lore Sabau, A professional photographer who specialises in Family and Event photography. during the years my experience spanned other areas of photography and my portfolio grew as my passion for the art did. My journey has taken me to different places and on different adventures and has taught me how personal the photographs I take can be. I cherish the fact that my work ends up capturing a moment in time that is so pivotal for the couples, families and individuals that I have the privilege to call my clients. 

I have long sought an outlet for the creative energy that has always been a part of who I am. Years ago when I held my fist camera, I felt finally complete and knew instantly that this was my calling. Here we are now many years later and that feeling has not changed. Although the road has been long and difficult at times the journey has certainly been an interesting one.

I look forward to being a part of your special moments and hope that I can always marry my passion to your special moments. 


With Love, 

Lore Sabau